Breeding Advisory Committee

One of the priorities of our association is to take good care of the breeding of both the Stabijhoun and the Wetterhoun. Health is thereby very important, but of course we must take care that the appearance of our breeds is guaranteed. Especially as country of origin we have an extra important task of the preservation of the breeds. A careful balance must therefore be made between health, looks and character.

We have two Breeders Advisory Committees, one for the Stabijhoun and one for the Wetterhoun. Each BAC has a chairman (who is a member of the general board), a secretary, several breeding advisors and the puppy information service.

During the general Members Meeting the breeding policy is established. The BAC will check each mating request against this policy. In this way, we are sure that all the pups bred in our association, comply to the health, exterior and behaviour demands of the NVSW. When new trends are seen, the BAC may ask for an investigation, if possible in cooperation with one of our universities.

Besides that the members of the BAC are important “sparring-partners” for our breeders and stud owners. Meetings and workshops specially held for breeders are organized. Twice a year we organize a breeders class ( actually four full days!).

The BAC is helped by litter-visitors. Every litter will be visited and checked at about the age of 6 weeks. A report of this visit is made and can be found in ZooEasy. Before being approved for breeding an inventory of each dog is made.

All reports and health data will be entered in ZooEasy to keep our database up to date.

If you do not live in the Netherlands, please contact the breed association in your country. Foreign associations.