Sperme Bank

​​​​​​​Pilot sperm bank
In its meeting of 26 March, the board decided on a 'Sperma Bank' pilot. As an association we have a unique project, which involves a lot of costs (certainly in the beginning). Due to the large number of members, we as an association are able to go for it in the interest of both our breeds. This should be possible together with our breeders and male owners. The decision was made on the advice of our advisory group 'Future Frisian Dog Breeds'

Intended effect
This plan ensures that we have semen from a large group of males in storage. This sperm can be used if analysis of the population shows that the gene pool is in danger of becoming smaller. The measure for storage and use of sperm is the MeanKinship value (MK), which can be tracked by extra software in ZooEasy and by the future software of Fit 2 Breed (F2B) of Utrecht University (UU). By combining a sperm bank and targeted breeding advice based on MK and DNA data, we can work towards a stable gene diversity in the future and prevent hereditary diseases as much as possible.