DNA test Cerebral Dysfunction in Stabij

In 2015, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht found the gene that causes Cerebral Dysfunction (Neuro) in the Stabijhoun. It is now possible to determine via the DNA whether or not a dog is a carrier of this condition or is considered “free”. This test is mandatory for breeding in order to obtain positive advice from the FAC. For the DNA test, which is taken by buccal swabs, we also need a veterinary certificate.
Procedure DNA-test
A free testing kit with swabs can be requested from Laboklin via service.nl@laboklin.com.  The test form can be downloaded here [http://nl.laboklin.info/wp-content/uploads/ua_genetik_hd_nl_ohnePreis.pdf] or for the UK here, for Sweden here and for Finland here.
Take the test package and the completed form to your vet along with the dog’s pedigree and registration certificate (proof of ownership of your dog). The vet will check the chip number of your dog and take the buccal mucosa from the cheek. The vet will also fill in the data required for the certificate and will send the packet back to Laboklin.
• check on the form no. 8105 (to get certificate for Vet)
1) The identity of the animal must be confirmed by a veterinarian (please note this microchip or tattoo ID no.)
2) Certificates are not issued for partner laboratories and genetic blood type cat
3) Certificates for a DNA profile and relationship tests are included in the test.
• check on the form no. 8314 (to test for Cerebral Dysfunction (Stabijhoun) http://www.laboklin.co.uk/laboklin/showGeneticTest.jsp?testID=8314)
(The form may not yet be adapted to show the new test. If not, please write in the number.)
The CD DNA test costs € 58.47 incl. VAT and the license costs € 9.15 incl. VAT  ($76.80 US, CA$ 106.56, £ 48.00 (including VAT), DKK 480.00 (including VAT), NOK 528.00)  at the current exchange rates).
Please check for the current costs online (for UK, for example, http://www.laboklin.co.uk/laboklin/showGeneticTest.jsp?testID=8314)
You will receive a 20% discount on these prices if you have a copy of your membership card for the NVSW enclosed with the swabs. If you have no membership card, you can request a copy at leden@nvsw.nl.
To save on additional consultation cost, you can combine the DNA samples with an already scheduled visit to your vet, for example vaccinations or radiography.
DNA Parentage Profile
The DNA parentage profile (Genetic Fingerprint Test) is required for breeding by the Dutch Kennel Club (Raad van Beheer) since 2014; it is used to verify the pedigree of puppies.  If you want to breed with a male, born before June 14, 2014, you can also combine their DNA profile request with the application of the DNA test for Cerebral Dysfunction. You should mark on the form to include no. 8107 ISAG DNA profile (Identity, genetic fingerprint).  This will cost € 42.70 incl. VAT.  (
Bitches are tested by the buccal mucosa chipper of the Dutch Kennel Club when they come to chip and swab test the litter.  For foreign litters, you may do the parentage DNA of the dam, sire and pups at the health exam and chipping veterinarian visit using the no. 8107 DNA profile and combining it with certification from your veterinarian.  The foreign sire may be done separately by his veterinarian, but all profiles must conform to the ISAG 2006 profile.
Dogs born after June 14, 2014 have already established a DNA profile when chipped in the litter born in The Netherlands.  Note: all foreign born dogs will need to submit the DNA parentage profile with the litter DNA profile, verified by a professional veterinarian.
NOTE for Foreign Countries:  In every country, you can send the swabs and vet certification of the dog’s identity to a Laboklin-connected firm!   Laboklin has “local” labs in nearly every European country and the UK.  Please visit http://www.laboklin.com to find a lab near you.