Breeding regulations

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Appendix to the Breeding Regulations ( summary)
This appendix is part of the Breeding Regulations for the Stabijhoun

• The association will strive to an inbreeding percentage of this combination far below 10%

• Parent dogs that have given the same disease in two different combinations, will be excluded from breeding for the following diseases: Elbow Dysplasia ( operated or from grade 3), Epilepsy, PDA, excluding HD-D and HD-E

• Dogs suffering from a disease or deviation which is chronical or hereditary, may not be bred with.

• The Breeding Advisory Committee ( BAC) advises the breeder, the following qualifications can be given:
o Positive advise
o Negative advise if the combination is not according to the Breeding Regulations
o Prohibition for breeding if one of the dogs has a deviation which excludes him from breeding

• The stud owner is entitled to a stud fee after the breeding. The amount is determined by the annual General Members Meeting. In event the breeding has not resulted in a pregnancy, the breeder has the right to a free service by the same stud at a future heat cycle.

• The asking price for a pup shall not be higher than the maximum sale price determined by the annual General members Meeting.

• A stud may have no more than eight litters in his lifetime. Above these eight, two extra litters in another country are permitted.

• A stud may have no more than three breedings in two year.