Why do we have rules?

Within our organization, we have a number of rules that male and female have to meet to be allowed to breed. These rules are there to ensure that the pups are born as healthy as possible and also to maintain genetic variety for the future well-being of the breed. Below, we will first mention the requirements that your dog or bitch must meet, then an explanation is given for these requirements and how to proceed. The Breeding Advisory Committee (BAC) is responsible for the maintenance of these regulations.
Our goal is to protect and advance the current standard of the breed as approved by the Dutch Stabijhoun Association and adopted by the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) as the only standard of excellence by which the Stabijhoun shall be judged. The club will do all possible to safeguard and improve the health of the Stabijhoun.


Before any breeding, both partners must be inventoried by people appointed by the NVSW.
At the inventory the dog will be measured on all sides, viewed and described. Questions will be asked about possible ( health-) problems, living conditions and the character of the dog. All these data will be noted and introduced in our database Zooeasy. There is no charge for the inventory.

HD – test

Both partners must be tested for HD by an veterinarian that has a contract with the RvB. Breeding is only allowed with results A,B and C. HD C may only be combined with HD A or HD B.

Show results

Before any breeding, both partners must be presented at at least two shows. The results must be very good or excellent by two different judges. At least one of them should be a judge approved by the NVSW ( for the list of judges, click here ).
At least one of the showresults must be achieved after the dog has reached the age of 15 months.
Note: These special, foreign rules only apply for dogs living outside of The Netherlands. If this is not the case, both showresults should have been achieved under judges approved by the NVSW.

Cerebral Dysfunction

Before any breeding both partners must be tested for Cerebral Dysfunction. A combination of two carriers is not allowed. If both parents are tested free of CD, their offspring need not be tested.

Welfare requirements

• Both partners must be at least 18 months of age before breeding
• If it is her first litter, a bitch may not be mated after her 6th birthday
• For her last litter a bitch may not be mated after her 8th birthday
• Between the birth of two litters of a bitch there must be at least 12 months

Limitation of inbreeding

• In a combination the inbreeding percentage may not be higher than 10%. This is over 4 generations including the pup
• A Stabijhoun bitch may have no more than 5 litters
• A Stabijhoun stud may have no more than 10 successful matings with a maximum of 8 matings in the Netherlands
• In one year a stud may have no more than 2 matings.


ZooEasy is an online database where you can find the pedigrees from all Stabijhounen and Wetterhounen till the first generation.
The basic data of the dogs are completed with health data, show results and inventory lists. You can find which litters a dog has given and if there were any problems in those litters. You can make your own “test-litter” whereby automatically the inbreed percentage will be calculated.
A subscription to ZooEasy costs once € 7,50 and after that your yearly subscription price for the NVSW will be raised with € 7,50 per year.