If you are interested in buying a purebred Stabijhoun puppy you can fill out: the Stabijhoun request form

If you are interested in buying a purebred Wetterhoun puppy you can fill out: the Wetterhoun request form

When we receive this form you will be put on the puppy mediation waiting list in the Netherlands. For North America, the Scandinavian countries and the United Kingdom you can also contact the Stabijhoun Associations mentioned below. These organizations are wholly recognized partners of the Dutch Association for Stabij- and Wetterhounen. We have a mutual interest in maintaining the highest breeding standards of the purebred Stabijhoun.

Note: a growing number of countries require that puppies have a valid rabies vaccination before they can be imported or travel through that country. If this applies to your country it means that the puppy can not leave the breeder before 15 weeks of age. There will also be extra costs involved for the new owner.

Ameri-Can Stabijhoun Association (ASA)
President: Judy Mitchell
E-mail: president@stabyhouns.org
website address: stabyhouns.org

Svenska Stabijhounklubben (SvSK )
President: Kjell Lindberg
E-mail: stabyhounklubben.ordforande@gmail.com
website address: www.stabyhounklubben.se

Dansk Stabijhoun Klub (DASK)
President: Kira Meyhoff-MadsenAnette Nielsen
E-mail: mail@stabyhoun.dk
website address: www.stabyhoun.dk

Norsk Stabijhoun Klubb (NoSK)
President: Synøve Reiten
E-mail: leder@stabijhoun.no
Website address: www.stabijhoun.no

Suomen Stabyhounkerho – Stabyhoun Club of Finland ry.
President: Minna Milosavljevic

E-mail: minna.milosavljevic@gmail.com
Website address: www.stabyhounkerho.com

The Frisian Stabij Club of Finland (FSCF)
President: Sinikka Eloranta
E-mail: puheenjohtaja@fscf.fi
Website address: www.fscf.fi

UK Stabijhoun Association (UKSA)
President: Helen Withey
E-mail: jane@stabyhounuk.com
Website address: stabyhounuk.com

International contactperson for the NVSW is:
Diana striegel
E-mail: international@nvsw.nl